The application is designed to meet the demands of Medium to Large Pub companies’ purchasing requirements and operational management as well as providing for future scalability as and when required.

Features within the application reflect this purpose and provide a framework from which significant savings can be made at each stage of the procurement and operational processes.

Fundamentally, a customer maintains operational control over their business processes via three interconnected levels within a single web application. Together these three levels make up the entire solution. Depending on a user’s permissions, their experience, and the various areas contained within the system, will vary.

Control from Pub manager and Chef perspective

YesChef provides each Unit with access to an online purchasing system that stores company specific data in a single, centralised data pool.

Orders can be placed, tracked and validated to invoice within this part of the application.

This is achieved by publishing an Approved Buying List ( ABL) containing negotiated prices from which product selections are made from a nominated “supplier”.

Each Unit's ABL can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Thereby eliminating the risk of “off range” products being purchases outside' a company’s purchasing policy.

Functionality includes:

Control from Head Office level

The purpose of Head Office level is one of maintaining compliance.

Purchase specifications such as allergens, the range of products available for purchase and prices, along with any other company specific requirements, are controlled centrally from Head Office Level.

At its basic level it provides management with an overview of what’s happening across its estate. Built in functionality allows authorised users to manage prices and control product availability across its entire supply chain.

Functionality includes:

Control from Supplier perspective

YesChef takes responsibility for maintaining relationships with appointed suppliers by providing a YesChef Supplier Portal to manage product range, availability, prices and allergen information. Supplier portal is equipped with manual Order Dispatching functionality as well as the facility for electronic (EDI) trading. YesChef will fully support electronic integration with all potential suppliers and is currently managing EDI integration with large corporations such as Brakes Bros, Bid Corporation Group, M&J, Marston’s Brewery, Harvey & Brockless and others.

Functionality includes:

Each supplier has generally unique requirements and YesChef builds functionality to support their operational needs whilst maintaining the critical links to the customer’s core application.