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About Us

Intelligent Purchasing Platforms

At YesChef, we provide intuitive e-procurement solutions that are designed to complement existing operational procedures and provide a coordinated level of cross departmental controls within a structured purchasing network.

Our robust, tried and tested, application delivers an independent purchasing framework that supports administrative efficiencies, sustains operational cost reductions and bring tangible savings to businesses as a whole, as well as measurable support to new and incumbent supply chains.

The application can be modified to reflect existing ways of working or new requirements before and after implementation. This flexibility ensures that the final tailored solution minimises operational disruption and can further adapt to new instruction without compromising existing services.

Access to supply chains is achieved via the internet using separate modular gateways. Enabling nominated supply partners with restricted access to fully interact with the system, or transmit EDI data securely into and from the application.

Customers can use an incumbent supplier or benchmark against others – justify you are paying a competitive price for the right product and service.

We believe that safeguarding our clients’ private information is of paramount importance. Concerns over sharing platforms and customer’s data with competing companies has grown over the years, YesChef addresses this problem by providing a comprehensive central admin and reporting area, hosted exclusively on a private server which is supported by a wide range of tools that help enforce purchasing compliance and allow management to retain control over their networks.

"We have delivered millions of pound in savings over our 25 years’ experience building IT applications for the hospitality industry - Many of which have pioneered the way e-commerce business’s work today"

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YesChef standard features include: